Calculators 3000
Ever wanted to crunch some numbers on an 80s Soviet calculator, or tinker with the easter eggs in the Elektronika B3-34? Now you can! No need for the actual machine — Calculators 3000 has got you covered.

Calculators 3000 (or C3000) lets you get to grips with 26 different Soviet calculators, including the B3-34, MK-61 and MK-52. The UI is an image of the actual calculator, with buttons that can be pressed and a display that shows all inputs and calculations.

The C3000 is both an emulator and simulator. What’s the difference? Well, a simulator imitates the workings of a calculator, while an emulator fully reproduces all of its functions, including the errors and glitches. This makes emulators a great way of playing with the many fascinating undocumented features that make these calculators so interesting.

The software can currently emulate:

Programmable calculators:
· Elektronika B3-34
· Elektronika MK-56
· Elektronika MK-54
· Elektronika MK-61
· Elektronika MS-1104

The software can currently simulate:

Arithmetic calculators:
· Elektronika B3-25A
· Elektronika MK-33
· Elektronika S3-33
· Elektronika MK-57A
· Elektronika MK-60
· Elektronika MK-60M

Engineering calculators:
· Elektronika B3-18
· Elektronika B3-18A
· Elektronika B3-18M
· Elektronika MK-18M
· Elektronika MK-19M
· Elektronika B3-37
· Elektronika MK-37
· Elektronika MK-37A

Programmable calculators:
· Elektronika B3-21
· Elektronika MK-64
· Elektronika B3-34
· Elektronika MK-56
· Elektronika MK-54
· Elektronika MK-61
· Elektronika MK-52

C3000 is free, runs on all versions of Windows, and is available to download at: