1985 -
Elektronika MK-33
The popular and affordable Elektronika S3-33 was released in 1978 to replace the poorly-received Elektronika S3-27 (not in the collection).
The scale on the monitor: 1:1
A simple arithmetic calculator, the S3-33 could perform the four arithmetic operations, percentages, square roots, and memory-related processes. The S3-33 was also the first Soviet pocket calculator capable of changing number signs, calculating percentages, swapping register contents, and supporting a stand-alone memory register.
The device was equipped with a nine-digit red LED display (eight digits for numbers and one digit for the “minus” sign).



The calculator ran on three D-0.125 rechargeable batteries or a BP2-3S line adapter.

The S3-33 was re-branded as the Elektronika MK-33 in 1982.

Weight: 0.08 kg (exc. batteries)
Dimensions: 131×70×14 mm