1988 -
Elektronika MK-37
The Elektronika B3-37 microcalculator is one of the simpler Elektronika models. Its production started at Iskra (Ulyanovsk) in 1981, and its target audience was engineers, economists, and school students and teachers. The B3-37 built on an older Elektronika B3-18 model. The calculator was later re-branded to Elektronika MK-37.
The scale on the monitor: 1:1
The device supports all arithmetic operations, swapping operating register contents (with a special key), and calculation of various mathematical functions. It can also perform calculations with degrees and radians. The B3-37 has a separate memory register for faster mixed operations. It takes the device an average of 0.6 s to perform an arithmetic operation.

The combined function P key makes it possible to use each key for two different operations. The calculator contains three integral circuits.

The B3-37 features automatic clearing, zero suppression, and displays the negative and overflow signs.
The device has an eight-digit red LED display.

The calculator can be powered by either three A316 batteries or by a D2-10M line adapter. The time of continuous work on one set of batteries is three hours.

Dimensions: 155✕78✕28 mm.
Weight: 0.300 kg.