1985 -
Elektronika MK-57А
Elektronika’s MK-57A was released in 1984 at the Iskra plant in Ulyanovsk following in the footsteps of the MK-57, MK-57A, MK-57B, MK-57C and МК-57D.
The scale on the monitor: 1:1
All of these models had different displays and processors. The MK-57 had a red LED display and the K145IP11 microcircuit, whereas the MK-57A rocked an eight-digit vacuum fluorescent display on top of the same microcircuit. The MK-57B took it one step further with a twelve-digit vacuum fluorescent display. The MK-57C and MK-57D, on the other hand, had the K145IK16 microcircuit and eight and twelve-digit vacuum fluorescent displays, respectively.
Elektronika’s MK-57A was a simple arithmetic calculator with functions similar to those of the B3-26. It was able to handle memory-related operations, square rooting and percentage calculations.

The device ran on three А-316 Quantum batteries (predecessors of today’s AA batteries) or a D2-10M or BP2-1M power unit.





Weight: 150 g or less
Dimensions: 155×78×28 mm

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