1988 -
Elektronika MK-23А
Production of the Elektronika MK-23A (formerly the B3-23) started at Iskra (Ulyanovsk) in 1979.
The scale on the monitor: 1:1
With its slick leather cover and large buttons, this user-friendly RUB 18 microcalculator was popular with physics and mathematics students. It could perform the four arithmetic operations and calculate percentages.

The device was equipped with a nine-digit red LED display, with one of the digits reserved for the number sign.

The Elektronika MK-23A was a modified model that had a vacuum fluorescent display and offered a rooting function instead of percentages.

These models ran on three AA batteries or through an optional line adapter (available for an extra RUB 7).

Weight: 300 g
Dimensions: 125×74×31 mm.