1982 -
Elektronika B3-36
Elektronika B3-36, a follow-up to Elektronika B3-35, had a different size, weight, continuous operation time, green display type, and a metal case instead of a plastic one. The model was released in 1979 and produced by Zelenograd’s Angstrem and Azerbaijan’s Billur. It retailed for RUB 210 until 1980, then for RUB 120, and in December 1981 the price dropped to RUB 70. The calculator was later re-branded to Elektronika MK-36.
The scale on the monitor: 1:1



The B3-36 was aimed at engineers and economists.

The device had an eight-digit vacuum fluorescent display.

The calculator could be powered by either four D-0.25 rechargeable batteries or by a D2-10M line adapter. The time of continuous operation on one set of batteries is seven hours.

Dimensions: 148✕78.6✕17.5 mm.
Weight: 0.2 kg.