1974 -
Electronika B3-02
The scale on the monitor: 1:1
Electronica B3-02 was developed in 1974 and can hardly be referred to EKVM, as it was no longer a bulky computing machine (like Electronica-155), but an elegantly framed desktop calculator. Size — 240✕173.5✕69 mm. Weight — 1.2 kg.

The calculator was designed to perform a wide range of economic and accountancy calculations, and handle both whole and fractional numbers. The calculation results are shown on an eight-digit vacuum fluorescent display with an embedded point sign. The point is fixed and never changes its position during the calculations. Hence, the first input determines the maximum permissible number of digits in the integral parts of the second and subsequent numbers.

Electronica B3-02 performs the same arithmetic operations as Iskra-210 and Electronica-155.

If the operator enters a number with more than eight digits or the machine retrieves such number as a calculation result, the EKVM switches to the OVERFLOW mode and the display shows a “П” sign. To skip it, the operator has to press the “СК” or “С” button.

Source: EKVM datasheet