1996 -
Elektronika MK-51 (anniversary)
The MK-51, Elektronika’s scientific (engineering) calculator, was manufactured at Angstrem (Zelenograd), Billur (Azerbaijan), and Rodon (Ukraine) from 1982. Its immense popularity saw it churned out until 2000 — the longest production period ever. Its success arguably lies in its portability and affordability. Retailing at just RUB 70, it was billed as „all-purpose„, “accurate„, „practical“, and “user-friendly„.
The scale on the monitor: 1:1
There were two jubilee editions: the 50th Anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War (1995), and Moscow’s 850th Anniversary (1996). From 1993, the MK-51 was produced from the Rodon and Angstrem plants and branded accordingly as the Rodon MK-01 and Angstrom MK-51.

Elektronika’s MK-51 was the first calculator to feature lithium batteries. The device’s LCD screen became a mainstay of later models.

The device could perform 35 different operations automatically and was modelled on the Casio FX-2500.

The MK-51 ran on one lithium battery DML-0.12, with a power intake of just 0 0006 W.

Weight: 100 g or less.
Dimensions: 130×71×8 mm.




According to a bulletin on Consumer Electronics published by Elektronika Research Institute:
“This tiny electronic calculating device for individual use consists of 18,000 transistors on the LSI’s semiconductor crystal, an eight-digit LCD screen, a control unit, and an external power source enabling 1,000 hours of continuous operation from a single battery."