1986 -
Elektronika MK-45
A desktop version of Elektronika’s MK-36, the MK-45 lacks the combined function F key and instead has all functions in separate key blocks. This microcalculator was produced from 1983 by Eltav (Dagestan) and Electronpribor (Fryazino, Moscow Region) and sold for RUB 85.
The scale on the monitor: 1:1




The case design is the same as the Elektronika MK-44, but the number of keys highlights the difference between the two models.

The device has a vacuum fluorescent display with 14 digits, two of which are always idle. The intent here was to allow the producer to use the existing tried and tested display.

Essentially an engineering calculator, it has separate keys for the Pi number, operations with parentheses and brackets, calculating trigonometric functions and logarithms, and converting degrees into radians and back. These functions were a great help in engineering calculations.

The calculator is powered by a 220V AC mains supply.

Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 241×185×77 mm