1976 -
Elektronika-b3-11 (Epos-73)
The Elektronika B3-11 calculator, also known as Epos-73, was manufactured at Electronpribor (Fryazino) from 1974. The plant is still operating today, mainly as a manufacturer of measuring equipment.
The scale on the monitor: 1:1




The Elektronika B3-11 ranks among the simplest of calculators, its repertoire consisting of the basic arithmetic operations and semi-automatic exponentiation (whole positive exponents only). Its user-friendly features won it a gold medal at the VDNKh exhibition in 1974.

While the calculator is technically eight-digit, the results are shown on a nine-digit vacuum fluorescent display. The ninth digit is reserved for negative and overflow signs.

Numbers are shown in a decimal format with a natural point, fixed by the first number throughout the calculation process, until the "C" key is pressed.

The calculator’s stand lets the user change the angle for a better viewing experience and more effective cooling.

The calculator is powered by a 220V mains supply, with a power intake of 10 W or less.

A.M. Baraboshkin Elektronika Epos, pp. 6–7

Weight: 1 kg or less
Dimensions: 225×140×55 mm