1976 -
Electronika B3-18M
The scale on the monitor: 1:1
Electronica B3-18M is an eight-digit engineering microcalculator that is no different from B3-18A from the functional point of view. The calculator performs the same four arithmetic operations, computes logarithms and antilogarithms, takes roots and produces exponentiation. It features the same nine-digit vacuum fluorescent display (one digit is used to show the number sign and signal overflow) and 20-key keyboard with the combined function F key.
What sets B3-18M from the earlier models is its more advanced casing and a new manufacturing plant. B3-18 and B3-18A were manufactured at Angstrem (Zelenograd) and NPO Elektronika (Boguchar, Voronezh Region), while the production of B3-18M and associated elements (including the K145IP7P microprocessor) was launched at Billur (Kirovograd). Соответственно, и вся элементная база (в том числе микропроцессор К145ИП7П) тоже создавалась на заводе “Биллур”.




At the design stage, engineers working on K145IP7P merged four microcircuits (shift register, display control, operating register and microprocessor) used in B3-14 into a single microcircuit containing over 16,000 integrated elements. This was indisputably viewed as an important advancement.

For power supply the calculator can use four AA batteries, four D-0.55C rechargeable batteries, or a line adapter serving as a charger for batteries.

Size — 170✕86.5✕27 mm. Weight — 300 g or less.
From 1986 on, the microcalculators were produced under the MK-18M code name.

Source: User manual.