1983 -
Elektronika B3-39
In 1979, Zelenograd’s Angstrem launched the production of Elektronika B3-39 microcalculator, which was based on the previous year’s Elektronika B3-39 model. The B3-39 made use of a new low-threshold circuit that reduced power consumption by eight times (down to just 1 mW).
The scale on the monitor: 1:1



The calculator is intended for simple calculations and has a dedicated key for square rooting. It was recommended for students at secondary and vocational technical schools.

The device is equipped with an eight-digit LCD.

Elektronika B3-39 ran on four STs-32 batteries, which could power the device for an unprecedented 800 hours of continuous work.

Dimensions: 110✕66.5✕10.5 mm.
Weight: 0.065 kg.
The calculator retailed for RUB 40.

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