1979 -
Electronika B3-24G
The scale on the monitor: 1:1
The Electronica B3-24G microcalculator was designed to perform arithmetic operations and calculations with constants. The Electronica B3-24G did not become a modification of B3-24 as the latter was a pilot model and had a different calculation logic. Released in 1979, the calculator was initially priced at RUB 85 depreciating to RUB 30 after two years.

It featured the first ever keys to operate a memory register (the machine had one). The СП (memory reset) key enabled the user to reset the content of the memory register, the ИП (memory indication) key served to display it, while the П+ key placed the number into the memory register and added it to the value which was already there.

To perform exponentiation, the user first had to square the number and then push the = button repeatedly.

The calculation results are shown on an eight-digit LED display, the same as in B3-23.

The microcalculator is powered by three AA batteries or through a line adapter.
Size — 155✕784✕28 мм. Weight — 150 g max (second to B3-14).

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